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There are so many suburbs of Chicago that it can be easy for local properties in Palatine to be overlooked by pest control companies that mostly operate within the urban heart of the Windy City. But Sleep Tight Pest Extermination wants all of our neighbors to feel protected against pests and the issues they cause, which is why we offer our pest control services in Palatine and the surrounding areas. 

To avoid the property damage and health risks that pests cause, and to quickly deal with infestations that have invaded suddenly, you need reliable pest control that you can trust. Look no further than Sleep Tight Pest Extermination. 

Residential Pest Control In Palatine

palatine il pest control

Homeowners like to assume that pest problems will never happen to them. Most pride themselves on keeping a clean home and yard, so it’s easy to assume that pests will never invade or that it would be obvious if you had an infestation. The reality is not so simple. 

Pests can be drawn to any property because all properties have the factors that they’re looking for: food, water, and shelter. Plus, pests are good at hiding in the nooks and crannies of a property that aren’t regularly checked or even easily accessible. 

This is why comprehensive home pest control in Palatine is the smart way to go. Pest control experts can inspect your home thoroughly for pests, and match you with treatment plans that not only eliminate existing hotspots but actually defend your home against future invasions. 

Here are the service options offered by Sleep Tight Pest Extermination, which provide you with the best ongoing protection so you can truly have peace of mind:

  • One-time: For when pests have already invaded and you want them dealt with quickly and completely, our one-time services provide treatments of your interior and exterior so that the pests are driven out. 
  • Quarterly: Pest problems tend to come in cycles according to the time of the year, which is why quarterly pest control plans provide much better protection than just responding to infestations after they arise. 
  • Monthly: To truly ensure year-round protection, we offer monthly services and inspections to ensure that the treatments we use are working and that no pest problems are forming without you knowing it. 

Contact Sleep Tight Pest Extermination to get started on true pest protection today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Palatine

Local businesses need to be aware of how disruptive a pest infestation can be to their day-to-day operations. Even if you don’t manage a food service business, like a bar or restaurant, your property can still be a magnet for pests. Anywhere human activity is concentrated, pest populations will flock. 

Once they invade, pests lead to larger issues like property damage and health problems. Not only are these undesirable issues, but they can lead to larger consequences for local businesses, whether it’s a loss of business and reputation or direct fines and closures as local health boards clamp down on public health hazards. 

Commercial pest control in Palatine is a sound investment for any local business owner to make, which is why Sleep Tight Pest Extermination offers its pest control services to local businesses, too. 

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us: 

  • Consultation and inspection: First, we work with the business owner to discuss their pest concerns and needs. Then, we conduct a thorough inspection of the property to ensure that we know exactly what kind of treatments to provide.
  • Custom treatments: The first step helps inform the next ones, meaning we always match the customer with the treatment plan that’s right for them and their property. 
  • Follow-up services and treatments: We always check back with the business owner to make sure they’re satisfied. Plus, we offer ongoing services to ensure year-round protection. 

Protect your Palatine business from pest problems by turning to Sleep Tight Pest Extermination. 

Can Cockroaches In Palatine Threaten My Pets?

People tend to underestimate how many problems a pest infestation can lead to. While infestations tend to be good at hiding, it doesn’t take long for their filthy ways to spill over and grow throughout a property. Not only does this lead to unappealing odors and stains around your home, but it can even have health effects on you and your loved ones. 

With cockroach infestations, specifically, an infestation can threaten the health of your pets. Animals like dogs and cats are more likely to come into contact with cockroaches or their droppings, which means they can be infected with the diseases and parasites cockroaches might carry and transmit through their urine and feces. This is why cockroach control is so important, and why you should turn directly to professionals to eliminate an infestation. 

For cockroach control near you in Palatine, Illinois, contact Sleep Tight Pest Extermination today.

What Palatine Homeowners Need To Know About Rodent Exclusion

Keeping rodents out of your home isn’t as simple as you might assume. As tiny pests that can claw or bite their way through most building materials, rodents can easily sneak into your yard or home without you realizing it. By the time you do notice the signs of an infestation, it’s likely because they’ve already hunkered down on your property and the population has grown enough to be leaving evidence around your home. 

This is where the rodent control methods of professionals become invaluable. Pest control experts know all the ways rodents invade and what factors attract them to homes in the first place. As such, they don’t just address the rodents themselves but actually make an entire property safer against infestations. 

Sleep Tight Pest Extermination offers the best rodent control for Palatine homeowners, so contact us right away if you notice signs of rodents or if you want to get started on total exclusion today. 

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