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Effective Pest Control Solutions In Evanston, IL

Just 12 miles north of downtown, Evanston, IL, is a popular Chicago suburb located on the North Shore, along Lake Michigan. In addition to being the home of Northwestern University, the town of Evanston is home to around 75,000 residents, meaning there’s considerable human activity around here throughout the year. Where there are humans, there are pests, which means exposure to the threats that come with pest infestations in Evanston.

If you want to secure dependable Cook County pest control, you’ve come to the right place. Sleep Tight Pest Extermination is proud to provide complete residential and commercial pest solutions to properties throughout Evanston and the greater Chicagoland region. Since 2018, our company has been bringing the community honest work and valuable services that last. Reach out to us today to request your free estimate and inspection. We look forward to bringing you pest-free results you can rely on. 

Home Pest Control In Evanston, IL

Old Victorian home in Evanston, IL

Evanston is a beautiful place to own a home, but the threat of household pest infestations is very real, and that’s why it’s important to protect yourself. Sleep Tight Pest Extermination provides complete home pest protection that local homeowners can feel good about.

Our residential pest control process begins with an in-depth inspection of the property, during which we detect:

  • Exterior signs of activity, cobwebs, nests, entry points, and pest attractants.
  • Interior pest activity, droppings, active pests, cobwebs, nests.
  • Issues in kitchens, bathrooms, high traffic areas, bedrooms, door frames, and windowsills.

Once the inspection is complete, we present our findings to the customer and give them recommendations on how to proceed, such as:

  • Treatments based on the problems we find during the inspection.
  • Addressing the foundation, hot spots, windowsills, and door frames
  • Treating baseboards and interior hot spots found during the inspection 
  • Offering customers tips on how to prevent unwanted pests moving forward
  • One-time services or ongoing services on a monthly or quarterly basis

From start to finish, we are dedicated to quality every step of the way. Reach out to us today to learn more about our residential pest control process and how your home can benefit from our services.

Commercial Pest Control In Evanston, IL

There’s a lot of commercial competition around Evanston, and in order to keep up with your competitors, it’s essential to keep pests out of your business. Here at Sleep Tight Pest Extermination, we offer complete commercial pest solutions to all kinds of local facilities, such as schools, libraries, gyms, hospitality, business offices, and storage facilities. Reach out to us to discuss your commercial pest control needs today. We are eager to bring your pest-free conditions that last, so call today to set up your complimentary inspection.

A Handy Guide To Cockroaches For Evanston Homeowners

Discovering cockroaches in your home is certainly upsetting. These unsanitary pests cause widespread contamination and pose a real threat to your health and well-being. If you’re unsure whether the pests you see are cockroaches, there are some basic roach identifiers to help you in your detection efforts. Here’s a handy guide to cockroaches for Evanston homeowners:

  • Cockroaches are about as large as a thumbnail, sometimes bigger. 
  • Cockroaches are reddish brown to dark brown.
  • Cockroaches have small heads covered by hard exteriors.
  • Cockroaches have broad bodies, with flattened abdomens and six long longs.
  • Cockroaches have two large eyes, two ocelli, and two long antennae.

If you suspect any cockroach activity in your home, the best thing you can do is get in touch with the experts as soon as possible. Sleep Tight Extermination is here to help. We offer comprehensive cockroach control and prevention services you can depend on. Reach out today to learn more.

The Problems Bed Bugs Can Cause In Your Evanston Home

Bed bugs in Evanston are small pests, but the issues they cause certainly aren’t. There are all kinds of problems bed bugs can cause in your Evanston home. As parasites, bed bugs feed on human blood, and since they’re nocturnal, they do it while we’re asleep.

Bed bugs can be hard to see or catch in the act of feeding since they’re only active at night. Additionally, though their name suggests otherwise, bed bugs can infest places other than just your bed.

Bed bugs can travel to any area of your property by hitchhiking via another person or item going between rooms. Due to their sneaky way of traveling and their ability to hide for long periods of time without feeding, infestations can be hard to detect and can be very overwhelming.

That’s why we’re here to help. The team of experienced pest professionals at Sleep Tight Extermination offers dependable bed bug control services that bring you the comfort of knowing you can sleep through the night — bed-bug-free. Call today to learn more.

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