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Customized Pest Control In Chicago, IL

As the state capital, Chicago is a pretty exciting place to live. The Windy City offers waterfront views, impressive skyscrapers, and world-renowned food all with a healthy dose of Midwestern kindness. Chicago is a diverse enclave in the middle of the country, which makes it an ideal place to live for many professionals in a variety of industries as well as families and people of all ages. Part of living in an urban environment, however, involves encountering pest problems like rodents, termites, and other invaders. Whether you’re looking to prevent pest issues or you need help getting rid of them, Sleep Tight Pest Extermination can help.

We provide both homeowners and businesses with customized Cook County pest control that they can trust. By following the principles of Integrated Pest Management, we’re able to focus our efforts on understanding the root cause of each individual customer’s pest problems and develop the most efficient solutions possible. For more information on our services, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Chicago

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Experiencing a pest problem inside of your Chicago home can feel like an invasion of your personal space, which can be very unsettling. At Sleep Tight Pest Extermination, we work with homeowners to address pest problems in safe and sustainable ways. We are a locally owned company, so we are very familiar with the exact pests that we treat. All of our residential pest control services in Chicago are centered around the methods of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which means that they are designed to be long-lasting while also minimally invasive.

Our process always begins with a comprehensive property inspection so that we can learn more about your concerns and see them firsthand. Once we’ve located pest activity, entry points, and problematic conditions, we’ll present you with a proposed treatment plan that may include any combination of interior and exterior applications as well as information on the ways that you can reduce pest attraction between our visits. Because we follow IPM, we typically recommend at least quarterly services, but we offer one-time visits and more frequent service as well.

For more information on keeping pests out of your home, call us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Chicago

At Sleep Tight Pest Extermination, it’s our mission to keep your Chicago business pest-free, which we know might feel like a challenge at times. As a locally owned company, we take great pride in our ability to keep our community safe and free from pest issues, and we believe businesses have the ability to facilitate this success as well.

All of our pest control solutions are founded in Integrated Pest Management concepts, which will benefit your property in several ways. To start, these services focus on delivering reliable and highly effective results because they take into account pest biology and behavior. Once we’ve performed detailed property assessments, we’ll be able to create a smart treatment program that is tailored to your needs and goals. We will then develop a maintenance plan that can range anywhere from one-time to monthly services.

Contact us for more information on our commercial pest control services in Chicago.

Chicago's Handy Guide To Beetle Control

Beetles are a common pest for Chicago residents, but by following these handy tips, you can keep beetles away:  

  • Avoid leaving night lights on around porches and decks. 
  • Store snacks and grains in airtight containers and always inspect these items after bringing them home from the grocery store. 
  • Open packages and mail outside.
  • Avoid overwatering the lawn and get rid of all yard clutter. 
  • Plant lavender in the garden and use it throughout the house as well.
  • Seal up all openings big and small. Pay special attention to the gaps around doors and windows, which weatherstripping will help fill.
  • Seek guidance and service from a pest control expert.

For more information on Chicago beetle control, contact Sleep Tight Pest Extermination today.

What Every Chicago Resident Ought To Know About Spiders

Spiders enter Chicago properties primarily because they’re searching for food, which comes in the form of other pests. This means that if people are seeing spiders in their homes, they likely have another infestation of other pests like ants, gnats, or cockroaches. Spiders can slip through nearly any cracks that they find, but people can also unknowingly bring them inside via packages or outdoor gear. Spiders also get lured into homes because of excess moisture, so places like damp basements and secluded attics are appealing hiding spots for them. And while most of the spiders in Chicago are harmless, the black widow and brown recluse can deliver very detrimental bites.

Because spiders are such a prevalent issue for local residents, the most effective way to address them is with professional services from Sleep Tight Pest Extermination. We follow the industry’s gold standard for pest control protocols in order to eliminate active spiders while also keeping future invasions from happening. For more information on our Chicago spider control offerings, please call us today. 

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