Rodent Control In Chicago, IL

Comprehensive Rodent Control In Chicago, IL

Rodents that invade your Chicago property may go undetected initially; however, these pests can easily take over every inch of your commercial or residential property and cause several unpleasant problems. All kinds of rodents are well-known for their unhygienic nature and can spread diseases throughout your property. As these pests run across surfaces and food storage areas and live in the hidden areas of your home, they leave behind urine, feces, bacteria, and pathogens that can eventually make you sick.

Furthermore, rodents living on your property gnaw constantly, significantly damaging items. All different rodents, including rats and mice, can chew through exceptional items such as brick, cinder block, wood, plumbing, and electrical wires. These actions can result in significant dangers and costly repairs as you try to fix the internal and external structures ruined by rodent infestations.

Rodent control in Chicago is necessary because rodents are prolific and stop at nothing to keep an infestation going once they have invaded your property. Rodents have a very quick reproduction time, meaning that a handful of rodents on your property can rapidly turn into a full-blown infestation. Plus, rodents often hide in very difficult-to-reach areas like inside walls around your property and inside attics, crawl spaces, and basements.

Professional rodent control is the best answer to combating these common pests, as it is incredibly difficult to fully eliminate a rodent infestation from your property yourself, not to mention dangerous.. To avoid coming into contact with rodents and their droppings, trust the experts at Sleep Tight Extermination with all of your rodent control needs.

Our Expert Rodent Control Process

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The most effective rodent control in Chicago is professional rodent control, which is something our team at Sleep Tight Extermination dedicates themselves to. We start our expert rodent control process with a thorough inspection of your property that looks for signs of rodent activity such as live rodent sightings, scurrying and chewing noises, damaged food packaging, nests or nesting materials and droppings. 

We take our time during this inspection and make sure to double-check the most common areas rodents hide, such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and near waste piles, in addition to less visited rodent hiding spots like attics and outdoor spaces. Once we complete the inspection of your property, we will discuss our findings with you and recommend a service plan.

We base all of our home pest control treatment plans on your property’s specific needs and ensure that our infestation treatments target active rodent infestations directly. We also offer preventative treatments that follow a slightly different process, but we still tailor to your property’s needs and the deterrent of rodents. It is important to note that every rodent treatment we apply will be custom to your property in order to give you the most effective and reliable rodent control service possible.

The methods we utilize while removing rodents from your property depend heavily on traps, monitoring stations, and small entry point exclusion tactics. Not only does this help remove active rodents from around your property, but it also helps stop rodent problems from occurring in the future.

Contact our technicians at Sleep Tight Extermination today to learn more about rodent control or get started removing these troublesome Chicago pests from your property.

The Benefits Of Professional Rodent Control

Investing in professional rodent control may seem overwhelming, but trusting our experts at Sleep Tight Extermination is much preferred over DIY rodent control methods. Our experienced technicians know exactly how to track down rodents and target active rodent invaders on your property; we have the exact equipment and knowledge to easily defeat these pests and limit exposure to the health and safety risks rodents present. Attempting rodent removal all by yourself will put you on the front lines and may result in health issues, bites, and exposure to droppings, increasing your risk for illness.

Additionally, at Sleep Tight Extermination, we completely eliminate rodents and help prevent future problems with these dangerous critters. When you trust in DIY home rodent control methods, you may not target the root cause of your rodent problems, exposing you to the potential for future rodent issues and repeated infestations.

For rodent control that you can count on and a company that is sure to get the job done, contact Sleep Tight Extermination today.

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