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Protecting Your Chicago Business From Pests And The Problems They Cause

Investing in a business requires you to be a risk taker. Success is not guaranteed, so even the most solid business venture is not entirely risk-free. However, part of running a business is also minimizing those risks. When you see a potential problem, taking action to prevent or avoid it is always a wise decision; this is especially true regarding pests.

Because pests are a year-round threat to Chicago area businesses, preventing an infestation is the best way to reduce the risk of encountering the many problems pests cause. Sleep Tight Pest Extermination provides the pest prevention services Chicago businesses need to stop pests. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality work ensures your commercial facility’s continued pest protection.

What To Expect From Our Commercial Pest Control Services

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When you contact Sleep Tight Extermination for commercial pest control, we’ll begin by meeting with you so that you can explain your concerns and any active pest problems you’re currently experiencing. We’ll follow that meeting up with a thorough inspection of both the interior and exterior of your facility. This inspection looks for all of the following:

  • Conducive conditions
  • Signs of activity
  • Entry points
  • Places of harborage
  • Hot spots

Once the inspection is complete, we’ll present our findings to you along with a recommended service plan. If you agree to the service plan, we’ll treat your property according to it. These plans are fully based on your business’s needs and customized to target your pest problems.

We offer one-time services as well as ongoing treatment plans. We can return to your business monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly for follow-up visits to ensure your facility’s continued protection.

Facilities We Service

Interior of a school with teens walking around and at their locker talking


Schools should be places that are safe and healthy for students and teachers, but they are also easily susceptible to pests. Protect your building and everyone in it with Sleep Tight Extermination.

Interior of a library with people looking at books


Pests might not be able to read, but many species of pests absolutely love to digest a good book… literally. Protect the books in your library with help from Sleep Tight Extermination.

Close up of Gym Equipment


The people who use your gym do not want to deal with pests in the middle of their workout. Protect them and your equipment by partnering with Sleep Tight Extermination for commercial pest control.

Hotel front desk one receptionist is on the phone and the other is taking a card for payment from a guest.


Guests at your establishment expect you to provide them with a clean and comfortable place to stay. They will not return if pests are present. Keep pests out with Sleep Tight Extermination.

Interior of an office with a group sitting at a table having a meeting

Business Offices

If the place where you conduct business is home to pests, the people who work in your offices may begin to look for a new place to work. Prevent pests by partnering with Sleep Tight Extermination.

Storage facility with a units door open with boxes and furniture being stored

Storage Facilities

A storage facility is full of people’s belongings. If pests get inside, they will have a field day damaging those items. Protect the property in your storage facility with Sleep Tight Extermination.

Why You Should Choose Sleep Tight Pest Extermination For Your Business

When Only The Best Will Do

High-Quality Work

At Sleep Tight Extermination, we are committed to delivering only the best pest control. Our honest, high-quality service is second to none.

Customized Treatments

Your business has unique pest control needs and should receive treatments tailored to those needs. That’s what you’ll get with Sleep Tight Extermination.

Attention To Detail

At Sleep Tight Extermination, we understand the importance of paying attention to detail. We are thorough so that your pest problems are taken care of the right way.

The Best Pest Control Your Business Needs

You work hard for your business and don’t need problems that can hinder its success. With Sleep Tight Extermination working for you, your business will receive the detailed, customized service it needs to protect it from the pests that threaten it. We’ll take care of your active pest control problems in Chicago and deliver the ongoing services you need to avoid future issues. Contact us today to schedule your commercial pest inspection or to learn more about our home pest control solutions.

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