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Preparing For Bed Bug Control From Sleep Tight Pest Extermination


Bed bug control is a very involved process. Everyone needs to work together to send bugs packing, including everyone currently living or working on your Chicago property.

At Sleep Tight Extermination, we want to empower customers and clients to receive the best possible outcomes from our bed bug control services; one reason we provide up-front prep sheets that detail all expected actions. By explaining how and what we do (and how our clients can help), we make it easy to get the results you need in less time.

Bed bug prep from Sleep Tight Extermination is simple, quick, and easy to understand. You may receive a copy of these instructions during the first part of the bed bug treatment process or at the end of your free bed bug inspection. However, we also provide a comprehensive list of our expectations online.

Customer prep activities for bed bug control in Chicago include the following:

  • Remove and bag all linens, sheets, blankets, and pillows without exception. You must follow a strict three-step process to remove all bed bugs from the bedding. First, put your bedding in the dryer on the highest heat setting possible. Next, put everything into a wash cycle on high heat. Finally, dry all your bedding a second time on the highest heat setting to ensure you kill all eggs, nymphs, and adult bugs.
  • The above cleaning process also applies to clothing and apparel. Please remember that any clothes not bagged up and put away before our treatment process should still be considered contaminated. These will need to be washed and sanitized in a similar manner to the above cycle. Contact a Sleep Tight Extermination technician if you have additional questions about how to perform these steps or what to do about specialty clothing.
  • Declutter your space by removing boxes, unused items, or piles of material around the house. Be sure to check frequented areas or regularly used appliances for the signs of a bed bug infestation. Items near bedrooms and living rooms may require special consideration. Finally, don't forget to remove any unused cardboard that may be present in and around the home. Bed bugs are particularly attracted to the nooks and crannies in cardboard, making their presence even more aggressive in certain areas.
  • Move furniture at least one foot away from the walls to allow our technicians to treat all areas of your home and apply critical products that can and will make a difference around your property.
  • Lift your box springs in every room. If you cannot do this alone, find a willing friend or family member to help you. 

By following the above instructions as expressly intended, you and your property will receive the best possible results from home bed bug treatments in the shortest possible time.

Ready to get started? It's easy to get rid of bed bugs in Chicago with just a quick phone call to Sleep Tight Extermination. Get in touch with one of our technicians to discuss potential treatments and additional details on bed bug prep sheets.

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