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Your Chicago Home Needs Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Management

Chicago is the most bed bug-infested city in the United States. Filled with millions of residents, thousands of tourists, and hundreds of public transportation options, bed bugs are a very real and very present threat to the property owners in the Windy City.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the presence of bed bugs in Chicago, especially once they have become rooted in your beds, mattresses, or coaches. Thankfully, you won't need to identify, treat, or follow up on these infestations alone. The professionals at Sleep Tight Extermination are here to help!

Sleep Tight Extermination specializes in high-quality home pest control treatments for residential and commercial properties in Chicago, Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, and surrounding areas. Our team works diligently to identify the problem areas in your property, then provide traditional and contemporary solutions to one of our city's biggest pest problems. Get rid of bed bugs in your Chicago building by calling Sleep Tight Extermination today.

The Bed Bug Control Process Of Sleep Tight Extermination

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At Sleep Tight Extermination, we fully understand how disruptive bed bugs can be in your Chicago home or business. That's why we provide a fully functional, three-step approach that attacks your problem from all angles. We include an inspection, treatment, and follow-up service that defends your home against malicious bed bug activity.

Our bed bug inspection process is simple, straightforward, and very cost-effective. We offer free inspections and estimates for all our bed bug control services, allowing you to better understand expenditures before signing any agreements. As we examine your residence and all affected areas, we continuously ask questions about what you're seeing or experiencing. Our trained technicians will look for subtle signs or symptoms of bed bug activity, including feces, blood spots, or even bug bites on the customer.

Next, our technicians will provide a full quote to the customer. We believe that honesty is always the best policy, so give a transparent estimate of services and their associated timeline. If the price and customized plan work with your lifestyle, we will begin the treatment process on the spot.

Please note that our bed bug treatment services require advance prep work on the part of the customer. Your technician will provide you with a comprehensive bed bug prep sheet. Following our instructions to the letter ensures that our services will provide the best possible results.

Because all bed bug infestations are different, Sleep Tight Extermination customizes treatments to the individual. We prefer a two-part treatment approach using both heat and liquid applications to remove bed bugs as quickly as possible.

First, we apply a liquid treatment to:

  • Baseboards
  • Windowsills
  • Headboards
  • Box springs
  • Mattress
  • Furniture
  • Drawers
  • Cracks/crevices

Once this is complete, we then use heat treatments on more sensitive parts of the home, including:

  • Mattresses
  • Sleeping areas
  • Furniture 

Sleep Tight Extermination also offers vacuum services for property owners interested in eco-friendly alternatives. We use high-powered machines capable of vacuuming up eggs, adult bed bugs, and any nymphs that may be present. We can also provide mattress encasements for beds of any size, but please note that you must request this service in advance. Additional rates will apply.

The unmarked vehicles Sleep Tight Extermination uses will ensure that your property receives the utmost care and discretion. As our professionals navigate the property and apply all solutions, they will be sure to inform you of each step and what you can expect.

Sleep Tight Extermination strongly believes that defense is the best offense, which is why we implement Integrated Pest Management services in all our bed bug treatments. We identify potential bed bug problems long before they manifest, then create a barrier of protection around your property.

The follow-up portion of our Chicago bed bug control service does not signal the end of your bed bug treatments. Our team will remain in a monitoring phase for a minimum of 14 days, after which we will return to your property to re-treat up to five more times. These re-treatments will occur once every two weeks and always come with a 90-day guarantee upon completion.

With all three steps in place, your home will remain safe, secure, and bed-bug free. Ready to get started? Signing up is easy. Call Sleep Tight Extermination today for bed bug treatments.

Contact Sleep Tight Pest Extermination For Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs don't stand a chance against the professional inspections, treatments, and follow-up visits by Sleep Tight Extermination. Not only do we provide customized treatments to ensure the complete removal of all bed bugs, but we also stand by our services with a 90-day guarantee.

Sleep Tight Extermination is your best and most efficient solution for bed bug infestations that seem impossible to control. Call our office today to speak with a representative about your options or submit an online contact form to answer any questions you may have. 

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